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Respect for the environment is these days a requirement for all industries. A comprehensive plan for treatment of waste should be an integral part of any business. Recycling is critical. All parts and components that can be reused will be. Other parts are separated out into base materials for use in other products and industries.

In line with the latest European laws and regulations on the disposal of electronic equipment, our logistics team can destroy all non-re-usable items in a safe and environmental friendly manner. We have a destruction service that meets ISO9000 and ISO14000 regulations. This service is often free of charge.



Telsets designs various solutions for businesses, enabling them to meet the latest European rules and regulations for the disposal of electronic waste. As each client has diverse and complex needs, Telsets works to meet the needs of industries and the environment.

We offer:

  • De-installation services on site.
  • Transportation to our collection center in Madrid.
  • Buy out valuations.
  • Certification of collection as an official requirement.

Discrete and professional, our technical team provide our services on your site, without causing uproar in the work center.


We provide legal documentation on the collection of electronic waste. This certificate gives the client the correct legal assurance as required by the law, as well as the satisfaction of having their assets correctly treated.


Often material collected by Telsets has our clients personal data, on hard disks, storage systems etc. Telsets destroys this data, ALWAYS.

Due to our “strip down” processes. Each part or component is stripped and separated by base materials. Each type of base material is then recycled for re-use.

This process protects your data and drastically reduces the waste destined for land fill rubbish sites.


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